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Our team of legal consultants at KARBAL & CO is comprised of many of the best and highly experienced senior lawyers. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing clients in all aspects of law and supported by an excellent staff of paralegals and administrators.

Our law firm is composed of a variety of lawyers trained in American, British, Libyan, and French law to provide legal advice for various sectors of the law.

Our team is headed by Dr. Mohamed Karbal, licensed in New York, Dubai and Libya specializes in corporate, maritime and oil & gas laws.

Dr. Karbal's expertise encompasses corporate and commercial legal transactions in the Middle East and North Africa.   Dr. Karbal has a vast experience in both private and government sectors in the United Arab Emirates and Libya.  Dr. Karbal is capable of providing an exceptional legal analysis while drafting documents concurrently in English and Arabic.

In addition to his experience in the private sector practice, Dr. Karbal has held various governmental positions such as the head of the legal department at the Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Transportation Department of Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Karbal received a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Missouri-Columbia-Missouri, USA, a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Maritime Law from the University of London, (UCL), a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Law from Indiana University, Indiana, USA.

Dr. Karbal is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, UK.

In addition to practicing law, Dr. Karbal has held the position of Associate Professor in various American and international universities.


Amal Karbal

Associate – Intellectual Property


Ms. Karbal is a graduate of both British and American law schools. Ms. Karbal graduated from the University of London, where she received a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), and BBP Law School where she received a diploma in Legal Practice Course (LPC).


Ms. Karbal graduated from University of San Francisco Law School with a Masters in Intellectual Property Law (LL.M). She specializes in intellectual property, which includes trademarks, copyright, industrial rights, and patent law. Ms. Karbal is currently preparing for the California Bar. 


Nabilah Karbal

Associate – Securities/Investment Law

Ms. Karbal is a junior associate, who is well versed in both civil and common law. Ms. Karbal graduated from Université Rene Descartes – Paris V (Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi) with a Bachelor of Laws and Political Science (Licence de Droit et Sciences politiques).


Ms. Karbal also graduated from Northwestern University School of Law with a Masters of Law (LL.M). Ms. Karbal specializes in securities and investment law. Ms. Karbal is fluent in both French and English. Ms. Karbal intends on sitting for the New York Bar examination. 


Seraj Karbal

Senior Associate


Seraj has obtained his L.L.B. from the University of Derna Law School in 2001 and has held since various government posts as a legal advisor.  He specializes in commercial and corporate law

Ibrahim Karbal

Office Manager and Head of the Translation Unit.


Ibrahim is a graduate of the University of Tripoli/Faculty of Education.  Ibrahim pursued in his studies in English in Bournemouth, UK.  He held various teaching positions at several universities in Libya while specializing in English literature.  Ibrahim has translated many books and has provided technical translation of documents and manuals to prominent Libyan and foreign entities.




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- Announcement

This is to announce the reopening of our Tripoli office. Please call us on one of the phone numbers listed under the Tripoli office address. It is our pleasure to work with you.

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22/07/2014 - Upcoming Event: Guest Speaker

Dr. Mohamed Karbal will be a guest speaker at the Platts African Refining Summit at the Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th November, 2014. He will be speaking on the latest developments, opportunities and investment potential in Libya. 

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- Speaking at a Conference in Dubai

Dr. Karbal spoke on the first day of the “Future Libya” conference, which was held on June 27-28, 2012 at Al Bustan Rotan Hotel, Dubai, UAE.  Dr. Karbal’s topic was “Navigating the Libyan Investment Law: A Guide to International Investors.” 

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